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Michelle Rae


I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and my passion for poetry dates back to my teenage years when I began writing journals and poetry as a way to express my feelings.  Many years passed before I decided to share some of my most painful life experiences as part of my healing process in my book ~ Shattered Depths.  “Shattered Depths” is a hybrid of poetry that is infused with short inspirational quotes I coined as “Scarlet Love Notes.”  

About Shattered Depths


So often we give our power away...

we search for love...

we seek acceptance...

we negotiate our value...  

 Shattered Depths highlights 

my journey, 

through the art of poetry, of 

the heartache of poor choices; 

the freedom in letting go; 

the power of forgiveness; and

the growth associated with acceptance.  

Encourage, Inspire and Empower


I have finally reached a comfort level within myself that allows me to write from my heart without restrictions or limitations and, most importantly, without the fear of judgment from other people. I also want to encourage others to grow beyond bad choices or the self-imposed limitations and restrictions we unconsciously buy into each time we doubt our ability to grow past our "situation."  Each one of us holds the key to our future and we unlock the door to our emotional freedom when we OWN our actions...our choices...and our decisions.  My hope is to inspire and empower others to stretch, reach and grab hold to their dreams by tapping into their inner strength, practicing self-love and trusting in God.  

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